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The Art of Homeownership is the ONLY platform that offers everything you need to grow your mortgage company in an integrated solution, complete with a systematized business model and resources to add value to your clients. 

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We believe that the value based mortgage professionals will win.  Why? Because clients deserve it and will start to demand it once they know what they are missing.


a system for every need

AOH platform includes a CRM and marketing suite pre-populated with automated marketing campaigns to convert new leads and connect with past clients and a semi-custom Website.

Powerful consumer-centered technologies empower your clients to navigate financial decisions and homeownership demands with ease.

Our Learning & Development system positions you to level-up your business with strategic partnerships, people resources growth, reputation management and succession planning. 

If that’s not enough the AOH team provides weekly coaching sessions for all partners and hosts mortgage masterminds. 

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The way the Art of Homeownership Team supports the product is so impactful - it really feels good as a member to have this level of support and ongoing training.  That is so different from what’s out there in the marketplace!



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**tool & resource value amounts to OVER $1500/mo when purchased individually 

you get access to:


∞ Automated Marketing Campaigns
∞ Lead Generation Website

MBS Highway
AOH Learning Center
Home Concierge Service
Monthly Real Estate Wealth Digests
Annual Financial Review

Perfect Mortgage Promise
Maximizing Wealth w/ Real Estate
Relocation Technology
∞ Pre-sales Renovation Financing

∞ Pre-sales Renovation Financing



At some point every Mortgage Professional will be given a choice between being the cheapest option in the market, or the most valuable option in the market.

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